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What will this do for me? Get Prepared!

This simple to use tool will help you to discover the thought process that is needed to get the best from your new bespoke home. The design process typically raises hundreds or perhaps even thousands of questions about the bespoke home. These are very complicated and expensive to answer during the later stages of the design process. The best time to answer them is at the start. 


The number one cause of cost and time over-runs on any building project is poor planning, and failure to address the key questions in a timely way. There are also other things including bad ground conditions, and other factors, perhaps even bad luck, but proper planning tends to bring these into check.

Formulate your ideas

Write down what you would like in each space of the property, and start to reveal how it will suit your lifestyle in the way only a bespoke home can. This resource will allow you to focus on what was important at the start of the project, and is a good point of reference to stop you getting carried away!

Set your goals

Start thinking about when you would like the property completed by. What will you do in the meantime, and how this process can be managed. Modern methods allow quick progress, so you may be in before you think! You will probably need to see how this fits around life and work.

Realism Assault

Get an idea of budget on paper, this will allow us to ascertain if your wish list is realistic, or if you're overreaching. better to get this sorted early on! We will help you to set a realistic budget to work with. This should include a suitable contingency fund and slight market fluctuation is to be expected.

Love your home

Once you start seeing the options for your new home we guarantee you'll start to imagine how it will look and feel. even filling in this document will help you to imagine how it might feel in your new home. We can make your new home exactly what you want it to be, comfortable and efficient, or really plush!

The SA System, and what people say about it.

Completing this questionnaire is just a first step along a defined path to success. We developed our unique system a few years ago after identifying the trend toward projects going over time and over budget in the industry. We've had some great feedback about the benefits it has had for some of our customers. We'd love to share with you!

Mr P.

in Brundall

"We've taken some time to reflect on the feasibility report you supplied, and have looked into our finances. After initially feeling we could not continue with the project, we have realised that we've really enjoyed the process, and would like to explore further options of how we can continue this journey"

Mr S. 

Local school


"The document you produced was helpful in convincing the Local Authority of our seriousness and Need. Best wishes and thank you for your continued support of the school"

Mrs D.

Suffolk Coast

SA Architectural Services were recommended to us by a friend.  From excellent design ideas to our final certification - we received an excellent, professional and friendly service. Our builder was really pleased with the detailed designs, which helped enormously as they left no guesswork, and the service proved invaluable in terms of getting the high specification and finish we were after.

We've developed this and many other great resources to help our clients with the early stages of project planning. We believe that success and expectations can only be achieved when a project is properly planned. Rushing straight into design without a clear brief  is not a good idea, and will just lead to problems later on.

James Sizer



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