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9 Helpful tips for getting the most from your listed building project

What will this do for me? Get Prepared!

If you own, or are thinking of buying a Listed Building and doing work to it, however minor, this guide is for you! Development of listed property is quite complex, but these few simple tips will help you to get the project off to a great start.

Why is a Listed property Special?

It is important to understand that as an owner of a Listed Property you have great responsibility as a custodian. Understanding why this is important, what it means, and what your obligations are, and what makes your Listed Property unique and special. What is covered by the listing, and the different types of listed property are all covered here.

Avoid the bad stuff


Unauthorised work to a Listed Property is a criminal offence. Learn a little bit about which types of work need permissions and which do not, and how to be sure that planned work does not result in legal issues. Understand a little about recognising problems before purchase, and what to do when you find them.

Reveal the potential


Be realistic about the changes you want to make to the Listed Building, and work around constraints to ensure that the changes maximise potential, and are worth the effort. Most listed property will require considerable thought to realise truly fantastic results.

Love your Property!


Once you start seeing the options for your refurbished property we guarantee you'll start to imagine how it will look and feel. even reading this guide will help you to imagine how it might feel in the finished property. It will certainly make it a lot easier to visualise how this might be possible.

The SA System, and what people say about it.

Requesting this guide is just a first step along a defined path to success. We developed our unique system a few years ago after identifying the trend toward projects going over time and over budget in the industry. We've had some great feedback about the benefits it has had for some of our customers. We'd love to share with you!

Mr P.

in Brundall

"We've taken some time to reflect on the feasibility report you supplied, and have looked into our finances. After initially feeling we could not continue with the project, we have realised that we've really enjoyed the process, and would like to explore further options of how we can continue this journey"

Mr S. 

Local school


"The document you produced was helpful in convincing the Local Authority of our seriousness and Need. Best wishes and thank you for your continued support of the school"

Mrs D.

Suffolk Coast

SA Architectural Services were recommended to us by a friend.  From excellent design ideas to our final certification - we received an excellent, professional and friendly service. Our builder was really pleased with the detailed designs, which helped enormously as they left no guesswork, and the service proved invaluable in terms of getting the high specification and finish we were after.

We've developed this and many other great resources to help our clients with the early stages of project planning. We believe that success can only be achieved when a project is properly planned. Rushing straight into a Listed Building Renovation, without some basic knowledge of the process and legislation, will just lead to serious problems later on.

James Sizer



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